For charter enquiries, please contact: +91 98480 17125

Who We Are

FlyByWire International Private Limited is an 100% owned subsidiary of Aviaman Aerotek LLP. It is a leading general aviation company with focus on MRO and charter services.

Fly when, where, and what you want with no obligation. Our professional and service-oriented team is at your fingertips 24/7. When you fly with FlyByWire, you can expect nothing less than a secure and unblemished flight. Our pilots and aircraft adhere to the utmost safety standards in the industry.

Taking an FBWIPL Private Charter Could Be More Affordable Than You Think.

Be in charge of your itinerary
No prolonged check-in; pull-up, unload and take off
Get pleasure from flawless special attention to comfort and lifestyle request
Access destinations not served with commercial airlines
Fly with complete anonymity
End-to-end VIP transportation and lodging reservations